Code of Ethics

I will never claim that you are hexed and/or that I have a cure.

I will never hex or curse you for not paying for my services. 

I will be honest with my clients about what I see in the cards.

I focus my readings on providing my clients with guidance, clarity, inspiration, and empowerment.

I will have faith in the divine and our relationship to guide me in best practices.

I will always be willing to listen to my intuition. 

I will remain humble and appreciate the suggestions and needs of my clients.

I will read to the best of my abilities and let you know if I am unable to offer a clear 

interpretation or guidance. 

I will always respect my clients regardless of origin, race, religion, gender, age, or sexual preference.

I will not speak on topics outside my area of expertise. 

If a client should have a question requiring legal, financial, or medical advice, or any other topic I feel uncomfortable with, I will refer them to speak with someone qualified to help. 

While I believe that tarot can see a glimpse of the future, I also believe that our actions shape the future and the outcome of some situations. Clients should be open to change and understand that taking an active role in our lives greatly influences the outcome.