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Yes/No Tarot Spread

Yes No Tarot Spread Infographic

The Yes/No Tarot Spread is the most basic spread you can imagine. You just interpret the card as a positive or negative card to determine if the answer is Yes or No. 

3 Card Spread

3 Card Tarot Spread Infographic

The Three Card Tarot Spread has many uses. It is great for past/present/future, him/us/me, mind/body/spirit, etc. 

Celtic Cross Spread

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Infographic

The Celtic Cross Spread is the gold standard of tarot. This spread is what is typically thought of when people imagine a tarot spread. It is commonly depicted on TV or film.

Witch's Apothecary List

Witch's Apothecary herbs ingredients for your home apothecary

This list includes every ingredient you might think of wanting on an extensive list of magical spell ingredients.

Broke Witch's Apothecary List

Broke Witch's Apothecary List What ingredients to have when you're a broke witch or a poor witch.

This list includes spell and medicinal ingredients which are inexpensive and easy to find. I have also included a section explaining where to find each item for the best price!

Kitchen Apothecary List

Apothecary witch spell ingredients that you already have in your kitchen

This list includes spell and medicinal ingredients which you more than likely already have in your kitchen or pantry at home. 

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