How I became Mama Sage...

Hi! My name is Tara, and I’m a natural intuitive and psychic. From the time that I was a small child, I felt everything deeply. Your pain was my pain and the world seemed too confusing and angry. I had to learn how to shut everything inside of me off, but I couldn’t help but use my gifts. I learned to play with divination and manifestation and I wanted to be like Jenna Elfman’s character on the show Dharma and Greg- funky, cool, and in touch with the beauty of life.

In my teens and into early adulthood, my need to shut down led me to a series of choices which placed me squarely on a path of self-destruction. Two beautiful children later, I began to see that I was worth so much more than the credit I had been giving myself. I surrounded myself with strong, vibrant women and took the time to develop my sense of self. I focused on becoming the best woman and mother that I could be, met my amazing husband and life partner, and went back to school in order to show our kids that you can do anything that you want to do, and you don’t have to let fear hold you back from owning your excellence. 

The initial launch of Mama Sage came with no specific intention. Door after door quickly opened and I moved into my shop. The first few months consisted of a lot of tarot and palm readings, a lot of prayer and meditation, and the support of some truly amazing friends. During this time, I had a series of conversations and experiences which called me to listen to my soul and follow the path laid at my feet. This prompted an immediate restructuring of Mama Sage and I began to focus solely on my purpose- guiding women to recognize and honor their inner wisdom and their intrinsic divinity.

It’s my personal belief that we all have the ability to connect to ourselves and others on a much deeper level than we generally recognize on a daily basis; the key to authentic connection is in deconstructing the walls of limited belief systems. I’ve supported many clients in enhancing their lives through the power of divination, and transformational coaching. I thrive on empowering others and I’m driven daily by the inspiring women I meet. It fills me with gratitude knowing that I’m using my gifts to assist you gorgeous souls.

Tara is a certified Transformational Life Coach and holds a diploma from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. Tara lives in Tombstone, Arizona with her best friend and husband, Jeremy, and their 3 beautiful, hilarious, and fearless kids. In her free time she likes to read, write, meditate, go fishing, and dance in the kitchen while she’s cooking.