Maiden, Mother, Throne!

Maiden, Mother, Throne!

Maiden, Mother, Throne!Maiden, Mother, Throne!Maiden, Mother, Throne!

A Growth Mindset for the Modern Wild Woman

Who am I, and where am I going?



As young and naive women, we are lost in the world.



We grow into women with hopes and dreams, but a lack of purpose or direction.



A sage and wise woman/crone knows her value and honers own power, passion, and purpose.

Hey Wild Woman,

I know that things are hard right now. Things aren't quite panning out as you expected. The house is a mess! Your life is a mess. You can't seem to get any real traction in your life, and when you do, it's short-lived. This was NOT the plan for your life, right?

What if I can give you more? More confidence. More freedom. Renewed passion and drive. 

Find the power to manifest your wildest dreams!


Coaching, esoteric readings, women's circles, transformative change


You have all of the answers you are searching for- RIGHT at the tips of your fingers. Whether you have been seeing a psychic for years, or you are new to the spiritual arts, you will be amazed by the power of my intuition! Once you have your first coaching session with me, you will be confident in my ability to shift your thinking and empower your soul. 

Sign up NOW for your Illumination Call and find out how I can make your inner flame burn BRIGHTER! I can teach you everything you need to know to live as an authentic woman and find success! My clients can attest to the worthwhile results of our sessions.